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We feature our 15,000 Acre Private Ranch Hunt for Trophy Mule Deer in Washington State. To access information on this hunt scroll down the page and click on the Hunters (Mule Deer) Ranch logo or go to

For hunting in Idaho, Montana and other Western States Panhandle Outfitters serves as HUNTING CONSULTANTS AND BOOKING AGENTS. At zero cost to you please let our 25 plus years experience as a hunting outfitter work for you. We know who the best outfitters are. We can set up your Rifle, Archery or Muzzleloader hunt with the highest quality outfitter for the following species; Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Wolf, and Predators.


Combo Trophy Rifle Hunt Elk and Deer
This is our most popular hunt and combo trophy Elk and Deer is the reason. Panhandle Outfitters hunting consultants and booking agents will set you up with a quality hunt.

Elk Archery

Archery Trophy Elk Hunt
Archery season occurs during the September Elk rut.  This is a productive time to hunt and provides enhanced Pope and Young trophy opportunities. Our hunting consultant and booking agent services can increase your opportunities for a quality trophy.

Elk hunt

Muzzleloader Elk Trophy Hunt
Muzzleloader hunts provide one of the best opportunities for hunters to take home a trophy. Take the guess work out of selecting an outfitter. At zero cost to you our hunting consultant and booking agent services will set you up with the best outfitters who have a proven track record of the highest quality services.

Mule Deer

Panhandle Outfitters “Private Ranch” Trophy Mule Deer Hunt
Archery, Muzzleloader or Rifle Mule Deer hunts are available on Washington State’s exclusive 15,000 Acre Hunters Ranch. For details on this limited hunt scroll down the page and click on Hunters Mule Deer Ranch logo or go to

White Tail Deer

Late Season Trophy Rut Hunt for Whitetail Deer
Our hunting consultant booking agent services will set you up for a quality late season hunt.

Treed Cougar

Trophy Mountain Lion Hunt
Numerous Pope & Young and Boone & Crocket Lions are out there. Getting to best outfitters increases your chance for a high record book Lion. Let Panhandle Outfitters hunting consultant and booking agent services take the guess work out of your Lion hunt.


Spring Bear Hunt
April, May and June is the season for trophy Bear. Spring hides are of prime quality and many western states provides unique trophy opportunities by producing all four-color phases: black, blond, cinnamon, and chocolate. Hunts in Idaho can be conducted over bait. Hounds are also available upon request. Our no cost hunting consultant and booking agent services will be beneficial in selecting the best outfitters and increasing your success.


Rifle Elk Hunt
Our hunting consultant and booking agent services, will set you up with the best outfitters for a high quality Elk hunt.


Moose Hunt
Moose hunts require a lottery drawing for a hunting tag. If you are successful in the draw for this once in a lifetime species, you will want to have the best chance for success. Panhandle Outfitters hunting consultant and booking agent services can offer you an outfitter with a proven track record of success.


September Archery / Muzzleloader, October Rifle Season -Game Availability: Mule Deer. 3pt min.
Our 6 day 15,000 Acre Private Ranch hunt for trophy Mule Deer, packing services and ranch guides.
PR #1 Option (A) 6 Day Rifle Hunt Rate is $ 3,250
PR #1 Option (B) 6 Day Muzzleloader Hunt Rate is $ 3,250
PR #1 Option (C) 6 Day Archery Hunt Rate is $ 3,250

Please note that taxes, required licenses or gratuities are not included in the rates.

Our booking policy is on a first paid first served basis. A booking deposit of 50% is required to reserve dates. Since deposits & fees are for specific dates we regret that refunds cannot be made. We encourage clients to purchase trip insurance if they have any doubt about their ability to meet the dates booked. Balance of fees are due 30 days prior to going on the trip. Upon receipt of booking deposits you will receive a booking confirmation letter, travel information, personal gear checklist and liability release form. For our insurance we require that all guests sign a liability waiver acknowledging the risks with outdoor activities prior to going on a trip.

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Hunter's Ranch offers private ranch hunts for trophy mule deer hunting in washington state

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